Podcast Advertising Statistics – What You Need to Know 2023?

Podcasts are becoming popular. They can increase brand awareness, demand, and sales.

Podcasts are great for niche advertising. Business podcasts attract an eager, ready-to-buy audience that wants solutions to their problems.

1. Most podcast listeners know a brand’s podcast.

Podcasts are great for brand building and awareness. Launching a podcast is not enough—you must promote it.

Podcast listeners average 22 hours per week, and this number is rising. Podcast listeners are mostly 35–54.

Advertisers like podcasts more. Brands can reach their target audiences in screenless environments by using audio ad inventory from Adswizz, Triton, and Rubicon.

2. Over half of podcast listeners recall an ad.

Podcast ads reach a highly engaged audience. It also reaches people on-the-go.

Native, product placement, and direct response podcast ads exist. You must understand each ad format before choosing one.

Host-read ads are paid ads read by the podcast host. Since the host reads the script, this ad is more authentic.

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) podcast ads let brands control the content and placement of their ads. DAI may be more effective, but it feels unnatural and interrupts the podcast’s flow.

3. Over half of podcast listeners make over $75,000.

AudioBoom and Edison found that over half of podcast listeners earn over $75,000. These listeners are also wealthier and more educated.

Your podcast audience may be receptive to advertising. Podcast ads are more effective than pre-recorded ones.

Podcast listeners skip pre-recorded ads more than YouTubers. Podcasts can be listened to while multitasking, so people prefer to focus elsewhere.

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Today, 66% of consumers prefer podcasts to TV. That is why brands are increasingly using podcasts as an advertising medium—it has huge potential and keeps growing!

4. Podcast ads influence over half of listeners to buy.

Podcasts have a higher ROI than most other advertising mediums and reach a wide audience.

Podcast ads influence over half of listeners to buy (eMarketer, 2023). Considering podcasts are entertainment, this statistic is astounding.

Target brand-related podcasts. That is why targeting podcasts relevant to your product or service is crucial.

Podcasts do not interrupt listeners like radio or TV ads, making them ideal marketing channels. 12% of podcast listeners ignore ads! This shows marketers targeted and engaged their audience well. This will eventually create devoted fans.

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