How Much Are Podcast Ads Worth?

Podcast ads boost brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.

Podcast hosts charge for advertising space. A static or dynamic ad.

The ROI of Podcast Ads

Podcast advertising lets advertisers reach potential customers with relevant content. Since podcasts have smaller audiences, this can be beneficial.

Advertisers can target podcast audiences without collecting personal data, unlike other digital marketing. This helps companies comply with new privacy laws.

Podcast advertising can boost sales, shorten sales cycles, and increase buyer intent.

Podcasts can increase brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, and industry influencer connections. New partnerships and conversions may result.


Podcasts have three ad spots: pre-roll (first 10%), mid-roll, and post-roll. These slots average $15 CPM.

Podcast ads target precisely. Advertisers can target specific demographics by placing them on brand-related shows.

Podcast advertising is also more authentic and memorable. The podcast host reads scripts, making them seem more like part of the show and more credible than generic ad reads by an unknown person.

Unlike traditional ads, podcast listeners usually enjoy them. Edison Research found podcast ads engaged two to three times more than radio ads.


Podcast ads increase brand awareness and conversions. Make sure podcast advertising is right for your business before investing.

A podcast ad’s placement and duration affect its success. Pre-roll ads at the start of an episode have lower CPM rates because viewers can skip them.

Mid-roll ads have higher CPM rates because listeners are more likely to click on a CTA.

Podsights recommends lift reports, A/B tests with control groups, and other tools for podcast advertising measurement. These can help marketers track podcast downloads after listening.

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Advertisers can target highly engaged podcast listeners. This engagement can boost author, artist, and other creator sales and visibility.

Businesses are using branded podcasts to get closer to their customers. An experienced producer or team creates content about the business’ sector, industry, expertise, or passion in these podcasts.

Host-read ads are less disruptive than radio ads. Brands can prerecord or post-produce these ads.

Choose based on budget and podcast quality. To build a strong goal index, run your ads for 7-10 weeks.

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